Yassena's Art 

Yassena is a Bulgarian weaving artist. Her artistic weavings are crafted intuitively and spontaneously. They reflect her innermost personal emotions.

"Weaving is an ideal expression of the faith and love I carry deep inside me."

Yassena's early works represented a monochromatic fusion.

Currently Yassena weaves in two distinct styles. Her prevalent style is a gracious pastoral distilation of earth elements
A more contemporary creation is her inspired use of bright and lively geometric patterns as a realized dream of her Balkan soul

Today her works are on display in galleries and private homes in France, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, The United States, and Canada.

      Yassena Yurekchieva, P.O. Box 37, Station 3, Varna 9003, Bulgaria
           Tel./fax: ++359/52/377 447; e-mail: yassena@hotmail.com

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